What we grow lives together with wild herbs to rediscover the most harmonious relationship with nature where there are no weeds but only a single organism in which each part retains the information of life.
To preserve the purity of vegetables and wild herbs over time, we created Terre Universali with Chef Marcus, gourmet vegetable sauces that combine the forces of heaven and earth in the taste of an experience that harmonizes any dish.

  • CHEF MARCUS Terre Universali Agrispazio


    After years of research as a marathon monk (on a path of integral Yoga) I developed the Universal Earths to offer the world a complete food that can satisfy taste, spirit and body.

    Food is conscience and reflects the qualities of the raw materials, the place where it was produced and who made it.

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  • Sonia Eliantus Agrispazio


    Ever since I was little, nature gave me the perception of something infinite and eternal which suggested to me not to be afraid of death. Making bread, growing plants and writing are my way of bearing witness to the life that passes through me. Eliantus is the agricultural world where my brother and I grow plants and Agrispazio is the place where we share our experiences.

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  • IGOR PASQUALE Eliantus Vino Alchemico Cantina Alchemica


    The place where I was born and where I grow plants is the landscape that I want to offer to people as an extension of myself and my way of experiencing nature. Since I was a child I have been passionate about wild plants, which I collected in herbariums, and now I grow them together with vines and vegetables to learn the wisdom of the world from them.

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From the fields and the kitchen