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Chef Marcus

Terra Universale (Gourmet Sauce)

Terra Universale (Gourmet Sauce)

180 g jar

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The home-made lively represents a mystical balance of all tastes, the pleasant sweet-acid-salty contrast with imperceptible notes of spicy and bitter. Perfect for stirring boiled rice and transforming it into a gourmet risotto in less than a minute!

Excellent for dipping chips, snacks or crudités, magnificent with cheeses. Absolutely fun in bitter and wild herb salads or together with dried fruit and fresh, more acidic fruit, such as orange.
Colorful, fun, natural!
Perfect to accompany slightly spicy cheeses, to fill sandwiches or for your salads: try it with wild herbs, chicory (green radicchio) and with all those vegetables that have a bitter aftertaste; to balance, combine with acidic fruits such as blood orange.

Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds, beets, olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil, potatoes, white wine vinegar, rock salt, chili pepper, yarrow, horsetail.

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