The Alchemic Cellar is Giorgio Mercandelli's project that combines the sensitivity of seven creators in special cuvées that reflect the experience of their vineyards in the harmony of a single bottle.
Why alchemical?
Because it comes from a long winemaking process that combines the experience of man with that of the vineyard, without any substance or treatment being able to alter its luminous purity.
A practice capable of extracting the memory from the fruits to transfer it into the coherence of a wine that goes beyond the experience of taste, linked to the variety and the territory, with the taste of an experience linked to the history of its entire journey.
The grapes are pressed and transformed without adjuvants and oenological treatments, to allow the fermentation of the yeasts and bacteria of the fruit (which have undergone the same experience as the vineyard) to complete spontaneously (without sulphites, controlled temperatures, yeasts, antioxidants, reductants, enzymes , foods, tannins, pectins, fining agents, precipitants, etc...) its evolution up to the bottle.

  • GIORGIO MERCANDELLI Vino Biotico  Cantina Alchemica Agrispazio


    I am the fruit of a conscience that is reflected in the world and wine is the fruit of my world that is reflected in every conscience.

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  • ORESTE SORGENTE Vino Alchemico Cantina Alchemica


    I believe that each of us has all the tools necessary to rewind the wheel of time until we are back in harmony with nature and live the meaning of existence with innocence and inspiration.

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  • LUIGI CAGNONI Vino Alchemico Cantina Alchemica


    After having interpreted different wine styles I felt the need to evolve towards a reality that could express the taste of my passionate relationship with the vineyard.

  • SONIA IGOR PASQUALE Eliantus Cantina Alchemica Agrispazio


    Having been passionate about wild plants since childhood, which we collected in herbariums, we now grow them together with vines and vegetables to learn the wisdom of the world from them.

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  • MARCO PAOLO MERIGHI Vino Alchemico Cantina Alchemica


    In our wine we offer the taste of a dream, that of two brothers united by a thought and a life project. The dream has become reality today, the result of the sharing of two diametrically opposed people but inspired by a single desire for beauty.

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