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Cantina Alchemica

White 2018

White 2018

Alchemical wine - 15.5% vol 750 ml - without added sulphites

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A polyphony of voices in which each creator contributes with their own wine to the creation of this cuveé to unite the experience of each vineyard in the harmony of a single bottle.

An alchemical liquid that reflects a compendium of colors of rare complexity, to produce a visual experience dominated by a bathochromic effect surprisingly consistent with alchemical gold. In the glass a dynamic, attractive light emanates, which permeates the gaze to meet the mind. The wine develops through an ascending current of reassuring aromas, which anticipate a flow of floral and tropical aromas from which the imagination draws an impulse towards the infinite. In the mouth it is seductive and never conventional, it expresses an atavistic character that confirms the purity of the fruits with the harmony of a romantic imprint. It produces the effect of an eternal liquid that is reflected in the present through a shocking, unexpected and surprising experience, which calls into question every rule of the mind. An unrepeatable work enriched by the experience of two abandoned vineyards that gave us their last year of life.

Alchemical wine made without any substance and treatment in the vineyard and cellar.

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