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Cantina Alchemica

Direct fermentation white alchemical sparkling wine

Direct fermentation white alchemical sparkling wine

Alchemical wine - 13.5% vol 750 ml – brut nature – without added sulphites

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The first alchemical sparkling wine in the world, obtained through the exclusive practice of "direct fermentation" , to combine the experience of each vineyard in the uniqueness of each bottle in which the entire winemaking process takes place, which becomes unique and unrepeatable, like a whole barrel.

A brut nature that comes from the union of very pure wines, without any substance or treatment having interfered with the fate of their natural path, from the vineyard to the bottle.
A wine with a magnetic, almost lysergic character, which evokes the image of spring water corroborated by a very fine, almost microscopic perlage (it is an alchemical sparkling wine). On the nose it develops a floral flow that extends endlessly. The taste is spherical, broad and deep, and flows on the tongue like a thought that progressively develops in the mind. What is surprising is the descent, which from the mouth penetrates every cell of the body like a ray of light that expands internally. An experience that resonates in the consciousness with the lightness of a radiant energy, not only for the alcoholic strength (13.5 degrees) but for the complexity in which it extends in the mind. An exclusive sparkling wine, designed and created to transfer the experience of life, which flows in the plants, in the feelings of every existence. A sparkling wine that creatively develops thoughts towards the future of reality.

Alchemical wine made without any substance and treatment in the vineyard and cellar.

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