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Chef Marcus

Terra Universale (Gourmet Sauce)

Terra Universale (Gourmet Sauce)

180 g jar

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This sauce, with its authoritative smoky note, is certainly recommended for barbecue lovers as it gives foods a grilled effect. It goes well with cooked or raw vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and is fantastic on croutons!

It is the ideal condiment for vegetable skewers as well as in a sandwich with grilled vegetables and perhaps a lentil burger.
It can be a delicious topping for chips or as a base for a barbecue pizza. Also excellent in combination with meatballs and grilled aubergines. An oriental pairing is to pair it with tofu, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.
Naturally Rossarrosto goes well in wraps and burritos where you can start with a base of sauce and cooked vegetables to which you then add cheeses or cold cuts and then finish with the salad.

Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds, tomatoes, olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil, potatoes, white wine vinegar, water, paprika, beech smoked salt, plantain, whole rock salt.

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