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Giorgio Mercandelli

White Reserve 2007

White Reserve 2007

Biotic wine - 15.0% vol 750 ml - no added sulphites

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This wine is a source of universal energy that develops like a liquid, almost sparkling light. In the glass it spreads like a cosmic cloud, which fascinates the gaze towards its immortal nature. On the nose it is a chasm of colorful and poetic aromas that spread through the mind with an exciting, almost psychedelic effect. In the mouth it is soft and enveloping, to corroborate the mind and proceed towards the palate, like a dreamy liquid that pushes thoughts towards images unreal. It flows smoothly to focus like a lighthouse guiding feelings in the storm of the mind.

It was born from a 1904 vineyard, which had ceased to exist for more than twenty years, where the poles were on the ground and the plants crawled under a tangle of wild roses. I wanted the wine to express the beauty of that land, of its landscape, of its flowers and of the birds that fluttered festively, in the taste of a memory linked to its relationship with the world, and after almost three years of delicate attention in 2007 the plants made this miracle and I was waiting for nothing more than to transfer it to the bottle.

Made without any substances and treatments in the vineyard and cellar.

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