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Giorgio Mercandelli

Red Reserve 2007

Red Reserve 2007

Biotic wine - 15.0% vol 750 ml - no added sulphites

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In the glass it reflects a crystalline matrix linked to the colors of a cosmic light, bathochromically active on the frequencies of orange, which transmutes into different shades of red to encourage the gaze towards life evolving in reality. Its scent is atavistic and at the same time new, comforting as it moves through the mind to stimulate thoughts towards the future of existence. In the mouth it is sunny, invigorating and never conventional, it expresses lightness and flows finely on the palate to enter in depth only when one seeks one's own abyss, from which I draw a feeling of elegant pride linked to the sense of timeless harmony.

It is my first alchemical wine, a work that reflects the meaning of my existence in a cuvée that combines the experience of three ancient vineyards in the harmony of a single bottle. The "dot in the circle" symbol appears on the label to express the taste for a creative expression consistent with my awareness and the sound of the consonant, linked to the origin of my surname, imprinted on a black background which symbolizes emptiness, in where Everything comes from Nothing.

Made without any substances and treatments in the vineyard and cellar.

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