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Giorgio Mercandelli

White Reserve 2013

White Reserve 2013

Alchemical wine - 16.5% vol 750 ml - without added sulphites

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A cuveé of three very pure white wines.

From the Greek "Lanthanon", which means to be hidden, a reference to the idea of ​​wine as a liquid memory of the plant which is hidden in the fruit and which through alchemical winemaking becomes manifest, like the latent image imprinted by light on the film which becomes visible after photographic development.
Lanthanum is an element belonging to the group of Rare Earths, which, despite being present in abundance in nature, can hardly be isolated. This name refers to the concept according to which nature - and also our experience of it - is a Whole that cannot be broken down into independent and separate parts.

"holistic description"

Alchemical wine made without any substance and treatment in the vineyard and cellar.

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