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Giorgio Mercandelli

Red Reserve 2007

Red Reserve 2007

Biotic wine - 16.5% vol 750 ml - no added sulphites

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In the glass it develops lunar frequencies that develop vortices of lights that invite the gaze towards the boundaries of the cosmos. On the nose it has the scent of a spell, a flow of aromas alien to any earthly experience. It develops an intriguing, almost melting air flow, which induces tasting to continue its journey in the body. In the mouth it is a primordial, almost unsettling, primordial broth, a vector of feelings that evolves through fragrant vegetal sensations, which develop vertically towards sunnier and more mature notes that blend with sensations of precious metals. The liquid flows on the tongue without gravity to acquire the lightness of an imaginary magma that comforts the thoughts and illuminates the soul.

If I owe something to life I also owe it to this ancient vineyard that changed the meaning of my existence. The hill of that vineyard was magical, as unreal as it was impervious, steep and dangerous, but the desire to understand the forces that reigned over its alien nature had become decisive. After my father's death that land brought me back to life with my first experience of craftsman. A wine animated by an ineluctable cosmic energy, by which I was totally bewitched, and the intimate relationship with its reality had profoundly transformed me, and the more I thought about my change the more I perceived the mystery of my existence.

Made without any substances and treatments in the vineyard and cellar.

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