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Giorgio Mercandelli

Red Reserve 2007

Red Reserve 2007

Biotic wine - 15.5% vol 750 ml - no added sulphites

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The colors it develops in the glass are cosmic, like the vortices of light it generates from a cloud of orange frequencies that extend bathochromically towards red. On the nose it brings a flow of elegant aromas of rare finesse. The aromas are noble, like those of the great wines of history and lead the mind to a sense of well-being. In the mouth it is graceful and finely spiced. A liquid with an aristocratic and never decadent character. It flows on the palate with voluptuousness to proceed with the lightness of an energy sensitive to eternal feelings. A universal wine, which harmonizes any dish and which evolves with every tasting with the joy of developing thoughts towards the future of reality.

It is a wine that preserves the experience of a beautiful vineyard from 1900. It was located on a hill of red earth where the plants, low and sinuous, seemed to grow on embers. It stretched alongside a young chestnut forest, on a strip of soil dotted with a myriad of small flowers and wild herbs that grew like a fresh mountain meadow. Working among those plants was a marvel and the days passed quickly. The story of these bottles reflects the experience of all the adventures I went through to keep them, wherever I went, as a testimony of my existence. A heroic, immortal and stainless wine, which expresses the character of a seductive liquid.

Made without any substances and treatments in the vineyard and cellar.

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