Il gusto del vino alchemico

The taste of alchemical wine

“Life produces the taste of its experience, matter produces the taste of its existence”

When they ask me why this wine is different from all the others, I like to answer that it is for the same reason that everyone is different. Anyway I understand that the difference that many allude to is linked to sensations so new that they are often incomprehensible. The reason for this diversity reflects the value of a quality consistent with the taste of its history, not with the taste of the fruit, and goes beyond traditional sensorial canons. Alchemical wine is born from a long fermentation that aims to dissolve the grapes to recover its essence, that is, the experience that the plant develops in the fruit. This experience is transferred it into the wine in which it continues to evolve like a liquid memory expressing the taste of its history in the uniqueness of each bottle.
Such a difference is comparable to that between a painting by Raphael, where the forms of nature develop the beauty of the landscape, and one by Pollock, where the forms of life (imprinted as random sketches on the canvas) resonate in the mind of the observer to develop the beauty of an exclusively personal landscape. On these assumptions, in alchemical wine the fruit is not the "generator" of taste linked to grape variety and territory, interpreted by the winemaking technique, but the "container" of the taste produced by the experience of the plant . Wine reflects such an experience only when it reaches its essence, that of "informed water" expressing the taste of its entire path, even of those who have preserved and touched it until the moment it is poured. For this reason, a bottle of alchemical wine develops the taste of a holistic (sensory and synaesthetic) experience consistent with a vector of sensations, thoughts and feelings linked to its history, while a bottle of traditional wine reflects an experience of taste (sensorial) consistent with the evolution of the fruit matter.
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