9 marzo 2022: Orocoro e il progetto Cantina Alchemica su «La nuova Ferrara»

9 March 2022: Orocoro and the Cantina Alchemica project on «La nuova Ferrara»

Mercandelli and the logic of biotic wine. The revolution started from Canneto Pavese
by Riccardo Corazza

To understand Giorgio Mercandelli's work in the wine field it is necessary to get rid of various paradigms that can get in the way. First of all the most difficult, perhaps, that of the approach, which in Giorgio is often antithetical to that of the "normal" winemaker. His wines (called biotic) are experiences that have little, if anything, to do with so-called "commercial" products. This depends on the fact that Mercandelli sees himself more as the creator of a work than the creator of a product. But come on. A revolution, in short, which undermines the modern vision of wine as a drink, to return to wine as a substance, given that, as is recognised, vine and grapes are the most faithful vehicles for restoring the power of sunlight and its creative capacity and recreater of experience. ...

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