30 settembre 2021: Orocoro sulla «Gazzetta di Parma

30 September 2021: Orocoro in the «Gazzetta di Parma

Cantina Alchemica Orocoro Bianco 2017 by Andrea Grignaffini

A unique winemaking for a renewable harmony
A revolution in the world of wine, now available in an accessible way. For Giorgio Mercandelli who grew up among the vineyards of the Oltrepò, wine is something absolutely different from the common perception: food/drink. It couldn't be otherwise for those who listen to his production philosophy based on a man-vineyard-grape-wine relationship that does not involve any intermediation, neither chemical nor mechanical. However, it helps to taste his wines which shine without hesitation with light, catalysed in the memory of the water which is its main component.

Now Mercandelli launches a new and collective project, La Cantina Alchemica and with this cellar a new wine: Orocoro. A palindromic name for a choral wine, a cuvée of wines that reflect the life of three vineyards united in the harmony of a single bottle in the exclusive relationship with their creators, Sonia Doria, Oreste Sorgente and Giorgio Mercandelli. United in a project that defines a sort of entry into the magical world of this producer. ....

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