10 gennaio 2022: Giorgio Mercandelli e la Cantina Alchemica su Italy's finest wines

10 January 2022: Giorgio Mercandelli and the Cantina Alchemica on Italy's finest wines

Giorgio Mercandelli – Alchemic Cellar By Jean Marco Palmieri

(CANNETO PAVESE – PAVIA) Giorgio Mercandelli is a point of reference among wines with a unique and unconventional character. His wines, defined as alchemical, are the result of an irreducible philosophy that deconstructs the concepts of variety and territory by trying to recover the memory of the vine in its relationship with existence.

In 2003 Giorgio Mercandelli, following the death of his father, owner of a historic winery in the Oltrepò Padano, decided to draw a clear line with the family past by creating a new cellar where he could freely express his own revolutionary and personal way of interpreting the wine.
In Giorgio Mercandelli's new project, wines were no longer simply products confined to the taste of variety, territory or fashions, but a true form of liquid art, capable of reflecting the life of its creator and his intimate relationship with nature.

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